Sleep Deprivation


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Recorded at WAAV STUDIOS in Cicero, NY. from
September 2009 - January 2010.


Engineered, Recorded, Co-Produced, Mixed,
& Mastered by JAMES BAILEY.

Artwork by D.J. GILBERT


released January 18, 2011

D.J. GILBERT - voice, guitar, lyrics, & electronics.
DEVON ROBILLARD - voice, bass guitar, & lyrics.
NATHAN HARRAH - drums, & misc. percussion.

Contributed voice for “SCUM ON BONES”

Contributed voices for “SLEEP DEPRIVATION”

All music is written & performed by IMBROGLIO.



all rights reserved


IMBROGLIO Dayton, Ohio

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Track Name: Mudhorse
Let’s pull this horse out of the mud. Try not to tear it limb from limb. Keep going because it still hasn’t budged. Even the earth worms hate the taste of you. Our hands are out get a damn grip. Keep pulling forward the wet soil acts like cement. Our hands are calloused from doing this all before. What the fuck else do you want us to do? I’ve tried and my hands are raw they can’t take anymore. I’m not your life support quit taking it away. Loathing in a pig bath you’re soaked in filth. What’s the point if you walk away? You can’t help yourself. So keep on your way. There’s no hope left for you.
Track Name: Mechanical Vulture
I’ve been torn apart like hand grenade shards. Each time I inhale I taste the rust. When can I put this enginein the junkyard? Weld me back to life. Pulling shards from my gums is like losing teeth. With pieces left behind I feel my ghost take control. I lost hope that I could be whole again. This world will play pick & pull with strings attached to watch you fall. We all sink into our own hell on earth being ripped & picked apart in a million pieces.
Track Name: Cement Shoes
Here are my hands & here is the rope. Dip my feet in cement & push me into the sea. While looking up I saw the sun disappear it all became black, when I thought water was clear, deeper & deeper pressure weighs on me. Until I couldn't tell which way was up or down. Weightless & helpless I lose vision. Below freezing temperature I feel my body become one with the sea. I asked myself before I swallowed the last gulp of water "Is this what it’s like before death?" With the sea violating my lungs I am drowning. Weightless &helpless I lose vision.
Track Name: Dead Rain
Holding ourselves hostage with weapons of desperation. Close the windows. Start the fires. Burn the leaves. Put on the dead skins. We aren’t ready to pull our weight through the feet of dead rain. When leaves turn red. Lock ourselves in. Enjoy it while it’s dying. This makes us all rot inside that much more. Bitterness consumes us all while leaves break under our feet. We begin to ache to our bones the clear nights offer no blankets. We’re powerless with sickness. It’s relentless with no forgiveness.
Track Name: Black Sheep
There is this sustain where my heart used to be. Now I live this life without dishonesty. Guiding the failures of the fallen men, into their own holes so their roots can grow into shit. With me leading the way the Shepard will send out the dog & have me forced in a cage. Cut the strings no one is laughing. Let the curtain fall with a silent crowd. With me leading the way the Shepard will send out the dog & have me forced in a cage. There is no escape & that’s the price of a black sheep that has to pay in misery.
Track Name: Scum On Bones
Listen closely. Each day I am reminded of you in some sort of way now that you’ve been gone. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere. Now I wish you would just be erased. Everyday passes with material objects that remind me of you. Let’s watch you fade away. You make me wish my blood ran cold. Now my blood runs cold. You make me wish I had no pulse. Now I have no pulse. Don’t look for me at the end of the bottle. Take what I say & make yourself fade away. I am already inside you. You can not take me out. Everything we had has now fallen off the cliff.
Track Name: December
Karma has come home for the season of frozen Eden. Walking on ice trying not to break through into winter’s cold grasp. Wheels keep spinning with no where to go besides south into the eyes of storms that destroy lives. It comes for blood with frozen disease that takes warm souls. So they can’t be unthawed. I have turned to ice. I hope that I will thaw. Snow blankets, hope. I hope I’ll thaw. Iced expression allows no emotion. Depression runs parallel with temperature. Grey clouds pollute the sky. Our star can't find it's way. Locked away in hysteria eulogies are written in ice. Tires bald engines stalled salt burns into souls.
Track Name: Sleep Deprivation
Delusions consume me with the intentions of creations. This drains me like spiders on flies. There are no closed eyes. Time moves slow with no rest. Ambition has been lost from the lack of sleep. My atriums are dry &all that death.pumps is sand with a drill looking for blood in my bones. My muscle feels like dirt clots tangled inside leather skin. I hope it rains. I watch my delusion consume the capsule of my physical existence. There is no mercy. Visions haunt me. No time to sleep. I am running on death.