Declared Self Hatred


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Recorded at Paper Tiger Studios in Columbus, OH in August - September 2012. Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Bobby Leonard.

All songs were written, produced, and performed by IMBROGLIO.


released December 21, 2012

Darrell J. Gilbert - Vocals, 7 string guitar, Amplification, Lyrics, Artwork, & Visuals.
Josh Deeter - Vocals, 5 string bass guitar, Amplification, & Low end frequencies.
Nate Harrah - Drums, Percussion, & Backing vocals as performed on this recording.

Co-Produced by Bobby Leonard.



all rights reserved


IMBROGLIO Dayton, Ohio

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Track Name: Declared
My flesh is killing my soul with no remorse. A constant inner war, I will be the death of me. Losing control of my own thoughts. Losing control of my own actions. Growing tired of my demons mockery with silence. Don't save me. I can't be saved. I know I can't be saved from this hell. There's no point in even trying. So save your breathe. For quite some time now it's been a lost cause.
Track Name: Sharp Teeth
I gave everything, and came out with nothing. Hide behind your words. Go grind your teeth away. The hawks circle above blocking out the sun. Waiting to feast on your unfaithful beaten path. Those words stuck like a great white's teeth. Fresh wounds still have the stench of betrayal. Wearing scars to prove I survived the attack. I will no longer lose sleep over this. You are as good as dead to me. For so long I believed in you, but yet you proved me wrong. I can't believe I was so blind to everything that you did. This is where I rip out the teeth that you once left inside of me. I hope you made your mother proud when you both sit together in hell.
Track Name: The Drought
I wish someone would strike a match so we can watch the world burn. I'm always surrounded by disgust every single day. I want you to think about the point in this. Consistent struggles to even care anymore. Why waste your life away? You just let it go right down the drain. There's no hope for anything but the end in this world. Every note played like its my last. Flawed, and real against the grain. I hope one day that you will find the point in this, when we are gone.
Track Name: Your Failure
Why must we make the same fucking mistakes over, and over again with every regret? I destroy everything that is beautiful. With every error and flaw in me I am at fault for my own actions. Victimized. Self deprived. A struggle to breath. A struggle to live. A waste of life is the way you make me feel. I am your failure.
Track Name: Harsh Reality
The weight of the world pressured on your chest. I know why you took the hard goodbye. Every pump hurt worse than the very last. Checking out with a volume blast. I know why you pulled the trigger. We all knew you would not let death take you. "I'm having my very last heart attack. I'm going right down that road." Those were very last words that anyone ever heard again. Healing wounds reopen. Misery so vibrant. Failing hearts re-broken in this ongoing harsh reality.
Track Name: Tribulation
Transporting our loved to soil. Tomb flowers bloom with gloom. I don't need a casket. Do not put me in the ground. Take my ashes to the top Woodland. Let me rest with the dead. Right where it all began. I held on to my faith by the skin of my teeth. Listen. Take my ashes to the top Woodland. Let me rest with the dead. Right where it all began.
Track Name: Self Hatred
Burdens linger in our thoughts beckoned with a price to pay. I stare this demon in the face every day. A constant reminder I was born with a prayer. Cradling a bottle of pills to silence the devil inside. I still hear you. I'm just a parasite. Don't save me. I'm just a parasite. I'm not worth it.